George Fischers Ltd

In April 2003 a fabric filter for the collection of dust and fume arising from the combination of a semi-continuous casting plant and casting pick off / spruing station was installed and commissioned at the works of George Fischer Ltd in Lincoln. The plant was installed as part of George Fischer’s programme of improvement of their foundry extraction systems. The system was installed primarily to improve the working environment of the foundry operatives.

The filtration plant selected was our model DWF ‘Semi-Offline’ compressed air cleaning system The plant was designed to operate at an extraction volume of 75,000Am3/hr. at a temperature of 30ºC.
George Fischer are a company who are energy conscious in their processes and to this end the main exhaust fan (110kw ) was powered via a frequency inverter to optimise energy consumption.

GF operate a highly efficient and cost effective foundry operating 24 hours per day 5 days per week producing components for the automotive industry, it was therefore imperative that the chosen equipment conformed to their operating conditions, this was found to be the case with Lührfilter both in the installation and operation of the filter.