B. Mason & Son Ltd

In November 1992 B. Mason & Sons Ltd in Birmingham, manufacturers of high quality copper based alloys in strip form, ordered from Lührfilter Ltd a dust collection plant to extract from their upgraded melting and casting facility .The plant was to extract from 4 Induction melting furnaces and their associated casting furnaces. The extraction rate was to be 102,0000m3/hr with a particulate emission level of not greater than l0mg/m3 .Due to the location of the works stringent noise level constraints were imposed by the Birmingham City Council. This limited the resultant noise level of the plant to an increase of not greater than 3dB(A) over existing ambient.

The filtration equipment comprised of 2 off pre-separator cyclones and 2 off Lühr flat bag filters Type: MWF 2.5/5.5/2.0, the latter having a total filter area of 1420m2 gross 1360m2 nett. The filter cleaning mechanism was our Vibro Impulse medium pressure off-line system, which is particularly suitable for metallurgical fume applications requiring low emission standards. Our scope of supply also included the Exhaust Fan (250KW drive), Sound Attenuation Equipment, Exhaust Stack and Hoods and Ducting from the Melting Plant to the Filtration Plant.

The particulate emissions are monitored by an Erwin Sick RM200 continuous quantitative monitor. This unit is one of the most sensitive instruments currently marketed. The output from the monitor is fed to a data logger and continuous chart recorder. The instrument is registering 0.4mg/m3 with occasional excursions up to 2 mg/m3 in dust surge conditions.

The equipment was commissioned in April 1993 and has to date functioned trouble free and met all design criteria.

This Plant is still operating to this day having a regular annual service visits. It also still operates with the original set of filter bags (2012)