Case Studies

Listed below are a few case studies of equipment supplied into the UK market

DWF Flat-bag Filter • George Fischer

In April 2003 a fabric filter for the collection of dust and fume arising from the combination of a semi-continuous casting plant and casting pick off / spruing station was installed and commissioned at the works of George Fischer Ltd. Lincoln. The plant was installed as part of George Fischer’s

Third Abatement Plant • Magnesium Elektron

In April 2002 Lührfilter Ltd. installed and commissioned a fabric filter for the collection of dust and fume arising from Magnesium melting furnaces at the works of Magnesium Elektron Ltd., Swinton Manchester. This plant was the third of its kind to be installed by Lührfilter for Magnesium Elektron since 1999.

MWF Flat-bag Filters • Dartington Crystal

Commissioned in Oct. 2001 this plant was for the collection of fume arising from Kilns producing leaded crystal at the works of Dartington Crystal Ltd. at Torrington in Devon. The plant was installed as part of Dartington’s IPPC operating licence and was required to meet not only particulate emission standards

Pechiney Aviatube

In January 2004 Lührfilter Ltd. commissioned a fabric filtration plant for the collection of dust and fume arising from a Gautschi melting furnace, Gautschi holding furnace and two Duplex furnaces producing aluminium alloys for Pechiney Aviatube Limited at their Workington works. The plant was installed as part of the IPPC

B. Masons & Sons

In November 1992 B Mason & Sons Ltd. in Birmingham, manufacturers of high quality Copper based alloys in strip form, ordered from Lührfilter Ltd a dust collection plant to extract from their upgraded melting and casting facility .The plant was to extract from 4 Induction melting furnaces and their associated

Crushed Dolomite Dryer - 1993

In 1992 as part of a total plant package Lührfilter Ltd. supplied a dust collection system to service a Dolomite Dryer at the works of a major chemical manufacturer in Holland. The filter was designed to extract 28,000m3/hr. at 85°C from the dryer with an inlet dust burden of 360gm/m3