Glass Industry

Lührfilter has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a total of 14 filter plants for the UK Container Glass Industry over the past 8 years. These are typically complex plants, supplied with a Lühr Heat Exchanger for cooling the furnace waste gases to a suitable temperature for fabric filters, and an additive supply and recirculation system to minimise SOX levels in the waste gas.

A typical recent example was for a container glass plant in West Yorkshire. The technical data for this specific plant was as follows:

Waste Gas Volume: 24,600 Nm3/hr @ 385OC with SOX levels of up to 650 mg/Nm3

Dust Type: Sodium Sulphate, Sand, Calcium Carbonate & Potassium Sulphate

Heat Exchanger to Cool to < 200OC

Filter Type: DWF 3.2/4.5/2.5/68/56 providing a net filtration area of 844m2 (a horizontal bag filter with a semi off-line compressed air cleaning system with a travelling plenum)

Heat Exchanger Type: FR 3.2/4/2.5/52/72 providing a cooling area of 1,023m2

Acid Gas Adsorption System comprising: 45m3 Hydrated Lime Silo, Metered feeding & Blowing System, Lühr Patented Conditioning Rotor, Reaction Chamber & Type KUV I Additive Recirculation System

Additionally, within the Lührfilter  scope of supply was a PLC to manage the plant functions, including the additive feed and recirculation rates, filter cleaning system, cooling system management, discharge screws and valves, and to monitor plant temperatures, emergency air dilution valves and alarms. This was designed and installed by Lühr UK Controls Engineers.

The entire plant was designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and delivered by Lührfilter, including the main ID Fan with 110kW motor, stainless steel ducting, thermal insulation and trace heating.