UK Profile

Lührfilter Ltd. are the wholly owned subsidiary of LUEHR FILTER GmbH based in Stadthagen Germany. We have been operating in the UK market since 1974 and are able offer a complete range of services from supply only to complete ‘Turnkey’ installations.

Our filter systems can be supplied with any of five cleaning system options to provide ‘On-Line’ or ‘Off-Line’ cleaning. We supply systems with either vertically or horizontally orientated filter elements. These options allow us to tailor our filters to suit specific applications.

Within our manufacturing group we have a fabric manufacturing company which gives us control on the selection of filter media and additionally the filter elements and support cages are manufactured in our own works. This level of control allows us to offer with confidence guarantees of low emission and extended filter element life.

To complement our range of filters for high temperature applications we manufacture evaporative coolers and forced convection heat exchangers which in certain processes can be used as recuperators.

In addition to the abatement of dusts and fume we are able to offer our dry gas adsorption systems for the reduction of acidic elements ( SO2, SO3, HF, HCl,) Dioxins and heavy metals (Mercury Cadmium etc.).

International profile:-

Lührfilter are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fabric filter systems for the abatement of dust and fume from industrial processes. Our parent company LUEHR FILTER GmbH has been operating since 1938 and employs in Germany approximately 300 personnel and has representation in most areas of the world.

LUEHR FILTER GmbH have recently increased their product base with the acquisition EWK GmbH manufacturers of Electro-Static Precipitators.